Assistive technology elderly

Care Products / August 14, 2020

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health (MOH) is calling for proposals on new assistive products which can be user-friendly, safe and cost efficient, to help improve the transportation of seniors.

Senior Minister of State for wellness Amy Khor announced this at a research and training meeting on aging during the Duke-NUS healthcare School on Wednesday (Dec 7).

This latest grant telephone call is designed to crowdsource revolutionary solutions which will help senior citizens overcome their impairment. Analysis can sometimes include the redesign or use of brand new materials to improve the abilities of assistive devices and work out all of them less expensive, it said.

For instance, Solar Ear, a personal enterprise located in Brazil, has generated a low-cost hearing aid making use of solar-powered chargers to simply help a lot more people in developing nations hear once more, the ministry noted.

Dr Khor included that currently, about S$8 million happens to be granted to projects in care-at-home innovation grant. The goal of the care-at-home grant would be to foster partnerships between wellness or personal care providers and technological solutions providers to enhance the distribution of homecare services ultimately.

Currently, about 100 proposals being submitted for the care-at-home grant and the grant turn to cognition of established a year ago.

To date, four teams are granted funding under this grant. They certainly were chosen centered on possible output benefits, sustainability and scalability, price effectiveness, innovativeness, attention model and project feasibility.