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Dressing Aids for the elderly

Care Products / June 27, 2020

To be able to achieve tasks of daily living indicates to be able to live on their own for extended. One of many activities that people are assessed on is the capability to get dressed—something we all ignore, but that will be much more and more difficult as we experience diseases that impact dexterity and freedom. Not able to fold to put on footwear or maneuver a zipper can be difficult and discouraging. Clothing that slips on / off quickly including dressing aids the senior like zipper pulls and dressing sticks, makes a big difference, enabling you to get clothed yourself.

Among easy-to-put-on garments choices may be the unisex snap closure gown with a substantial back overlap for full coverage and freedom of action. Equally easy to slide into, the Sherpa fleece slippers have actually extra large open positions and close with a wide strip of hook and loop. Lined with sherpa fleece, the slippers’ bottoms are non-skid vinyl.

If your fingers are not since nimble because they used to be, buttons and zippers may be a challenge. One answer is a dressing stick, well suited for individuals with minimal upper extremity action or decreased hip flexion. Seek out a dual function model with a push-pull hook on one end and a C-pull hook on the other.

Footwear and socks is other sources of disappointment. A number of dressing aids can be found to assist. The Mboss Sock and Stocking help is a flexible sock help that makes putting on clothes easier for folks who have difficulty flexing. The sock or stocking stays available whilst the three fingers carefully bend to allow for the contours of heel and base. The smooth internal area allows the base to glide effectively into the sock while the external embossed ridges support the sock firmly positioned.

Sock Horn/Stocking Horn is yet another device that assists people who have back, hip or leg restrictions in gaining hosiery or clothes. A sock is filled onto the help and kept positioned by the horns; 30-inch long looped handles reduce the must bend and they are simple to manipulate. Its small-size makes it simple to travel with.

Source: www.parentgiving.com