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Care Products / July 18, 2014

Editor’s Note: This blog was written with Kartik Vittal, a student using master of manufacturing administration system at Dartmouth university.

Asia has an astonishing 60 million senior citizens, although it’s a young nation overall. (That 60 million signifies just 5percent for the populace.) Providing those seniors with a healthy body care is an evergrowing issue. This is partly due to changes in the household construction — the “joint family members system” under which stretched Hindu families existed beneath the same roof and cared for both small children and elders communally has been doing decrease for quite a while now. Additionally, many young people have relocated to developed nations.

Nevertheless the issue is also in part because the healthcare infrastructure is insufficient, especially in outlying places. Any innovation that can deliver health services closer to men and women, at a minimal expense, can help to save precious resides. Additionally save the federal government additionally the insurance providers big money.

Munoth Communications, an Indian Telecom Company, had been fast to understand this potential in the senior segment and came up with an original mobile phone, costing less than United States $50. In case of an emergency, the client can merely push the red SOS button on the mobile to raise an alarm. The phone automatically sends out texting to 10 pre-configured figures, including that of the ambulance solution, the blood team company, in addition to insurance provider. More, the global positioning system when you look at the phone assists responders to trace the location regarding the patient.

The device will also help with day-to-day problems. After buying the phone, an individual can register the mobile on line and shop each of his / her health records. In line with the patient’s medical condition, the business directs away pre-programmed reminders about taking medicine and keeping dietary restrictions; this service is cost free for example 12 months. After the very first 12 months, an individual is charged only US $0.67 per month of these services. The company offers this service simply to diabetes patients, but will soon increase it to cardiac patients.

The phone’s design had been encouraged because of the simple on/off switch on a torch-light (flash light). Basic features on the phone, including a torch light, a lock/unlock alternative, and a radio, are handled with on/off switches on either side of the phone, in the place of a far more complex keyboard or smartphone screen, which most seniors in Asia would get a hold of complicated: just pressing on or off, on the other hand, is intuitive, easy, and easy to keep in mind in an emergency. The business has become targeting product sales of nearly 25, 000 mobiles, with expected revenue of approximately United States $1.25 million, each month.

Searching through the lens of reverse development, it’s clear that a computer device like this could fill a necessity in the us, too. Around 12% (about 40 million) regarding the U.S. populace is over 65 years of age. That'll boost to around 22percent (80 million) by 2030. The need for senior services is going to rise significantly. And, as in India, far a lot fewer seniors live with or near their extended people than performed a generation ago.

Within the next many years, the U.S. government could invest $26 billion on enhancing healthcare I . t (HIT), which means the health care business will probably experience a drastic shift toward more interconnected services. Cost-effective innovations such as the one introduced by Munoth Communications becomes a fundamental element of the health system. We’re unaware of any services or products currently available in U.S. that inform all important stakeholders (family, buddies, 911, insurance carrier) of a healthcare crisis with an individual hit of a button, or that allow responders know exactly where in actuality the user is at the same time. The GPS feature is especially valuable in the case of a fall, a typical problem for seniors. If electronic health records are available to the ambulance service, the EMT will be able to instantaneously take a look at probably reason behind an urgent situation and can come well-prepared (with proper medicine and instruments). This solution could also reduce unneeded hospitalizations, hence decreasing medical expenditures.