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Central America / February 7, 2018

Belize features a relatively well established health care distribution system both in the personal and community sector level. Government works hospitals or poly centers in almost every major city and city plus in various other significant populace centers such big villages.

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But no matter what you could have heard before from sources touting the great life in Belize, remember that health care in Belize does not meet the exact same standards as health care in the united states and/or eu. Not really from another location. With a population of some over 300, 000, with over half living in poverty, the business economics are merely perhaps not indeed there for the degree of medical care you may be used to at home nation. There isn't any degree one traumatization center in the country. The U.S. embassy as well as other international missions recommend that foreign nationals verify their medical coverage, specially catastrophic medical coverage such as the price of health evacuation, before going to or taking up residence in Belize.

Belize City offers the greatest degree of health care bills in the united states due definitely into the huge population and client base, near to 100, 000 considering suburban areas such as Vista Del Mar, Ladyville and Ambergris Caye. A few dental care and exclusive health, lab and diagnostic services can be purchased in this urban center. Many any serious health problems can be treated at Belize’s main referral hospital, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (Princess Margaret Drive, Tel. 501-223-1548).

This is a contemporary community hospital but suffering from gear problems, supply shortages, and management dilemmas. Hardly four weeks goes by with tales such as for instance inappropriate treatment, incorrect analysis, bodies incorrectly stored and so on. Becoming a government owned and managed facility this is certainly becoming anticipated. Horror stories are normal, as with the Norfolk authorities chief which almost passed away in Belize after contracting flu-like signs. But it is is difficult to defeat the rates, under US$250. daily for an exclusive medical center space versus U.S. $500. on a daily basis at a nearby private medical center. Both the public and private hospitals, dentists and optometrists accept health insurance and lender insurance plans, simply ask before engaging solutions.

Source: www.belize.com