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Health Care / September 10, 2014

The school of Nursing and Public wellness provides numerous options for you yourself to find out not in the class room. And you will encounter other cultures through our solution mastering engagements abroad.

Upcoming Trips


Customs, Health and Healing in Botswana

With this special system, members will go to Botswana with Adelphi professors and explore social elements affecting health insurance and healing, eg knowledge, socioeconomic problems and healthcare guidelines associated with nation during something experience.


Pupils will work collaboratively with NGOs (non-government businesses) in order to discover towards tradition of Botswana and interact with local residents in many different settings.

This two-week service discovering program should include leisure trips at the end.

If you are interested in learning more info on this program, be sure to contact professors Clarilee Hauser or Ditsapelo McFarland.

Past Trips

Spring Break

In this 1-credit program, you can expect to explore the culture, socioeconomic and healthcare problems, and offer look after Native People in the us by integrating with founded health programs supplied for Hopi and Diné/Navajo Indian tribes. The Navajo, or Diné, think they have been an extension of world and treat the land with all the maximum value. These days, the Navajo tend to be trying to maintain a viable economy for an ever-increasing population. Addititionally there is a necessity for neighborhood solution assist with continue this most crucial element of US life.

This 1-credit training course, provided every year, reveals you to various types of clients, where you will provide healthcare in the house, in schools plus makeshift clinics. You will end up immersed in Costa Rican tradition, since it pertains to healing, medication, diligent training, healthier diet and healthcare practices. Which 12 months, nursing assistant professional students tend to be welcome. This course is open only to nursing and public wellness students just who effectively finished NUR 391 and 392.


Through change system with Jinan University in Guangzhou, Asia, could get insight into and hands-on experiences of old-fashioned Chinese medicine, massage and acupuncture therapy, plus firsthand familiarity with modern Chinese culture and thought-provoking record. Taught in English, this 3-credit program can match the University discovering goal of worldwide citizenship, or may be used as a non-nursing elective.

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