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Help For The Elderly / April 2, 2017

An Quentin Prison, perched regarding the northern side of san francisco bay area Bay, looks and feels like a medieval palace with turrets, stone ramparts, huge gates and guard towers. Few inmates previously have the opportunity to value the picturesque view throughout the liquid to rolling mountains, the Richmond Bridge and bayside locations. integrated 1852, California’s earliest prison features the state’s just demise line for 675 “condemned” prisoners. San Quentin was created for a capacity of 3, 300 inmates but presently keeps over 5, 200 using the accompanying overcrowding, competition for solutions and tension. Of those, about 90 identify as indigenous United states, although the actual quantity is hard to determine. While people of color form 30 % associated with populace of this U.S., they represent 60 per cent of the incarcerated.

Final July, the local US inmates arranged a long-anticipated Pow Wow. On that day, I waited with about seventy-five people for two hours at the front end gate of the jail become allowed entrance. All of us had submitted our personal information to jail administrators days beforehand for criminal record checks. The guard within gate, sidetracked together with his various other tasks, slowly examined our names against the official roster. The site visitors contains family relations and pals of this inmates, Pow Wow drummers, vocalists and performers, and volunteers from the San Francisco Friendship home. I was included with a few of my students from bay area State University. Many of the site visitors were dressed in regalia and conversed with every another as they excitedly waited to see themselves.

Brent MacKinnon, a high, fit man with chiseled functions, built-up everyone’s driver’s license and attemptedto expedite the method by which the guard examined our names up against the formal listing. I very first met Brent when he achieved out to Bay region academic organizations recruiting participation into the frequently scheduled indigenous United states conferences in the prison. Brent is a “brown card” owner — the official San Quentin volunteer. He takes an individual fascination with a large number of prisoners helping provide them with pro bono appropriate representation to look for parole, assisting these with registration in reentry programs and acquire housing and employment. Brent was responsible for increasing the funds for last year’s and also this year’s Pow Wow aided by the assistance associated with Wakan Community of Marin County and Jackson Rancheria Casino. Brent facilitates the veterans group in the prison with guided talks, meditation and a curriculum that he developed to deal with post-traumatic stress condition (PTSD), a model that's been utilized internationally. Brent is a Vietnam veteran which found the insanity of the war while in the midst of it, and lived among the list of Vietnamese, taking refuge using men and women he found subdue.
He is suffering from the exact same syndrome that he has helped plenty others heal from, along with his use the San Quentin veterans, most of them local, has actually seen serious outcomes. After interviewing Brent and learning more about this system, we agreed to volunteer.

After signing in once more, each of united states passed through a steel detector and waited in a secured holding mobile is escorted by a shield. When we finally entered the viewing area, we were greeted by fifty beaming inmates who hugged their particular family members and buddies and enthusiastically welcomed the visitors. Jun Hamamoto, another “brown card” volunteer, had been helping the guys get ready for the visitors. An inmate with tattoos climbing up their hands to his throat tenderly embraced his mother who devotedly kissed their cheeks, forehead and hands. This intimate change was occurring all through the entire space. The prisoners had ready a feast for visitors and proudly served up a meal of fry bread and all sorts of the fixings for an Indian Taco — surface animal meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, chilies and salsa. The selection also included cooked salmon, coleslaw, apple pie, ice-cream and lemonade.

The Pow Wow started with a Grand Entry with everyone moving in a sluggish procession around the area to your sound of two pounding drums, each with four singers comprised of both visitors and inmates. Among the older prisoners with lengthy grey locks ended up being flanked by his cousin and mom; another paraded together with girlfriend; another presented hands together with parent and bro; a look of pleasure regarding the inmate’s faces. The prisoners made key chains, beaded feathers, fantasy catchers, bracelets and necklaces inside their crafts classes and set them away for display before gifting them to their friends. Gill (Tongva) along with his wife of forty-two many years sat face-to-face in personal conversation, revealing a plate of meals held among them, oblivious towards rest of the room. Most inmates I experienced gotten to know introduced their relatives for me and asked, because they do everytime we see, if I could be coming once again.