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Volunteer to help the elderly Costa Rica

Help For The Elderly / March 26, 2022

A neighborhood's elders tend to be its deepest roots, a living connection to every generation. Whether CCS volunteers are exchanging tales with a brand new buddy, serving meals, or leading a fun task, they discover that working with older people permits them to get in touch with their brand-new neighborhood really unique means.

Katie Nichols—a CCS Program Site Specialist and proud worldwide volunteer—recently shared some great insights on volunteering aided by the elderly, predicated on both individual and expert experiences. Here's some of just what she must say:

"older people tend to be an overlooked generation." A mixture of worry, apathy, or unfamiliarity might keep you from volunteering aided by the senior. Maybe the prospect of spending some time helping kiddies merely appears more fun. But volunteering using overlooked generation can be as enjoyable.

Volunteers make a difference in life of seniors all around the world. As Nichols notes, usually all they want is “some extra love, extra hugs in the morning, additional smiles—someone ahead by making sure they’re doing well.” No unique skills essential.

Source: www.crossculturalsolutions.org