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Heredia / December 30, 2020

3210 Fillmore St
Ste 2
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 921-4132

This is basically the best dental destination I have been to. Everybody is extremely friendly and good. And Dr Elena Heredia is amazing. She explains everything for you thoroughly and is SUPER honest.

I am to Marina Grins for 1.5 years, and it's really been exemplary until my final visit only weeks hence. Keep in mind that it was just my 3rd see in general and my second with Dr. Harvey. This basically means, i cannot speak from tons of experience, yet still think this will be well worth revealing together with analysis is warranted. Today this 3rd see got off to a rocky start whenever I must cancel my preliminary session the night time before as a result of being unwell. I experienced an awful cold which got even worse just on the day leading up to it. Having arranged a session shortly thereafter, we approached the normal checkup in good spirits when I've never had any problems with my teeth (including the two earlier visits at Marina Grins, every 6 months) and ended up being looking forward to an effective cleaning. Minimal performed I Am Aware. After using X-rays, I became told through Dr. Harvey that i'd need two (or three?) fillings. In retrospect, i ought to have asked more concerns right then and there, but I happened to be just a little overrun and didn't even understand the idea of fillings at first since, once again, I've never ever had any dilemmas before and at first confused all of them with sealants. Whilst the hygienist ended up being cleansing my teeth after the general evaluation, to my shock Dr. Harvey poked her mind in once again and talked about that she discovered two additional cavities whenever inspecting my X-rays once again. And yes, that's all of the explanation i obtained. Later on we saw within my plan for treatment that I became create for a total of five fillings, two of which somewhat destabilising the enamel on the basis of the viewpoint of another dental practitioner. Naturally, when the news sank because time, I becamen't a happy camper any longer. Since going from 0 fillings to all of an abrupt 5 fillings believed slightly unusual, we proceeded to get an extra viewpoint from a unique dental practitioner, now making certain to choose a really experienced one (with great Yelp reviews obviously). After a thorough evaluation and, very notably, reveal description of my oral health conditions, we left his company with the following result: 0 fillings required, 1 tooth under close observance in which he would like to keep an eye on exactly how it will develop over the next 6 months, 1 tooth under mild observation. Which is a startling outcome: from 5 fillings back into 0 fillings! Is fair, perhaps Dr. Harvey was just right together with her findings. Only time will inform. If that's the case, i'm going to be pleased to update this analysis. We doubt it'll be necessary. Finally, I do not want to compose bad reviews like this one, specifically since I liked talking-to Dr. Harvey as well as the general company knowledge at Marina Grins has always been great. Exactly what kicked myself within the edge, though, is the fact that about a week after cancelling my scheduled therapy visit I received a $50 bill for belated cancellation I talked about at first. Fair online game and I also will probably pay the fee obviously, but i am not sure asking myself really was required because i have for ages been promptly before and cancelled just a single session considering nausea.

I had a delightful knowledge. The dental care assistant ended up being knowledgeable and patient in outlining the facts and procedures of my session. I liked my connection with Dr. Heredia. She was engaging, soothing and expert. I left the office feeling well-cared-for. Thank-you.

Dr. Heredia ended up being wonderful. Her along with her staff had been so inviting and professional. She took plenty time to clarify precisely what she was witnessing and to make tips to me. Usually when I got to the dental practitioner i'm like we just understand real dentist for a minute or two but she ended up being mixed up in almost all my check out and I also believed like i obtained such attention from her. Great knowledge and these types of type folks working here. I'd suggest!

Just had my first visit to Marina Grins Dental last Wednesday. Too bad i will just provide them with 5 performers simply because they deserve more! I happened to be welcomed with a hot reception and ended up being instantly resulted in the dental care chair for a meeting with Dr. Heredia, an intensive dental care exam and a fantastic cleaning. Because we take good care of my teeth, I happened to be very happy to hear that I had no dental dilemmas hence i possibly could come back in 6 months for my next see. We recommend Dr. Heredia along with her terrific staff of an extremely in a position hygienist, assistant, and receptionist. Easy access via MUNI and plenty of community parking at meters nearby, too. Thanks a lot once more, Dr. Heredia!

listen, if you want to get your teeth xrayed, poked, washed, scraped, filled by a super nice staff- this is basically the spot to be. I actually believed like I became simply chillin with my peeps, plus it simply therefore happened these were taking care of my teeth. We talked soccer, superbowl, and even career aspirations. Paid attention to some PYT by MJ, it was wonderful. Plus I'd to return set for a just-in-case and so they fixed me right-up in like 5 minutes. + no wait + goodie bag + Cristina and Madana are incredibly personable and friendly, phenomenal bedside way + clean + inviting + i liked them a great deal, I am even composing a review, that we havent carried out in 10000 years. - i believed TOO home, i wanted to keep returning to hang out.

Really, I never keep reviews unless I'm unsatisified but Dr. Heredia is truly the greatest dentist I've been to. She's so nice, comforting and amazing at what she does. She is undoubtedly a single of a kind dentist! Her staff is excellent also and she's spanish speaking! Entirely pleased with this lady. We moved in for a cleaning/check up-and a few fillings, therefore quick and painless!

I'm one of those those who really loves visiting the dental practitioner... quite unusual i understand - but I love getting my teeth washed! Dr. Heredia along with her office were inviting, incredibly friendly, clean, and expert. She's a bunch of modern technology, which was cool to see. Rather than waiting around for the photographs to develop, they show up regarding monitor immediately. We specially adored that she'd chat you through everything she was performing, which gave me an improved knowledge of exactly what she was looking for. Individually, one of many scariest parts of going to the doctor/dentist is the unidentified. Her speaking myself through procedures made myself feel 100per cent more comfortable. Essentially, Dr. Heredia is awesome. Visit to check out yourself!