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Home care Nurse job Description Heredia

Heredia / January 14, 2018

  • Helps parish community concentrate on health promotion and infection avoidance, while giving support to the real, emotional, personal, and spiritual needs of each person.
  • Acts as staff liaison for parish’s Outreach and Social Justice Commission when you look at the development and implementation of its goals.
  • Doesn't provide any invasive processes (like shots, dressing modifications, administering of medicines), or home-care solutions (particularly bathing, feeding, dressing, bed-making).
  • Chelsea Breeden
    Job Title: Director of Youth Ministry
    Position Details:

  • To build youthful disciples for Christ by building and applying a thorough method of childhood ministry (in the areas of team building, worship, discipleship, goal, and outreach) while serving as a spiritual leader and part model.
  • In charge of high-school and Middle School Youth Ministry- Including youth group and belief formation, community tasks, fundraising, interaction, service options, and parish involvement.
  • Coordinator for Confirmation
  • Works closely utilizing the Youth development Commission in creating and implementing objectives for childhood associated with parish.
  • Catherine Combier-Donovan
    Job Title: Pastoral Connect; Director of Liturgy and Adult Faith Formation
    Position Description:

  • Coordinates high quality liturgical and musical experiences when it comes to parish.
  • Plans and develops the entire liturgical pattern, including Sunday and Holy Day liturgies, and significant parish parties.
  • Coordinates and oversees the parish’s liturgical and music ministries, oversees preparation and preparation of worship-space environment, provides continuous liturgical formation, coordinates evaluation of parish liturgical requirements, and collaborates with Pastor, Parochial Vicar, as well as the parish’s Prayer and Worship Commission.
  • Initiates and handles adult trust activities and opportunities for ongoing trust formation and enrichment.
  • Collaborates using the parish’s person Faith development Commission in applying the vision and parish goals for adult formation, in light of the expressed needs for the grownups for the neighborhood.
  • Collaborates with all the parish’s Director of Youth and Sacramental Faith development.
  • Maria Correa
    Job Title: Business Administrator Assistant/Bookkeeper
    Position Description:

  • Manages and counts offertory.
  • Processes and gets in offertory into PDS.
  • Responsible for all accounting matters (pays invoices, balances reports, makes quarterly and fiscal-year-end reports as well as income tax statements).
  • Manages the facility routine for the Hispanic neighborhood.
  • Helps Father Javier collect papers for the Hispanic neighborhood (baptism, wedding, etc.), therefore helping parish company Manager in collecting information for reports.
  • Silvia Goodman
    Job Title: Parish Workplace Administrative Assistant
    Position Definition:

  • In charge of the entire administrative functions procedure.
  • Supply prompt reception to questions and clerical help to pastoral staff and parish ministries.
  • Process demands for Baptisms, Mass objectives, sponsor certificates, facility utilizes and lector announcements.
  • Create and circulate ministry schedules and miscellaneous reports and mailings. Keep chapel database, records and offertory envelope mailing also process inbound and outgoing post. Accept initial demands economic support.
  • Tammy Melson
    Job Title: Director of Communications
    Position Description:

  • Provides news and information into parish and bigger community regarding St. John Neumann Catholic Church in a manner consistent with the parish’s objective and eyesight.
  • Produces a weekly parish bulletin
  • prepares and publishes the parish newsletter, Servus Fidelis.
  • develop and continue maintaining the St. John Neumann website.
  • Collaborates with St. John Neumann parish ministries in promoting special events.
  • Acts as staff liaison for the parish’s Community lifetime Commission inside development and utilization of its goals.
  • Genie O’Shesky
    Job Title: Parish Company Manager
    Position Details:

  • Oversees overall funds of day-to-day financial procedure, including facilities and property management, purchasing, and compliance with national, state and diocesan regulations and policies.
  • Aids the Pastor inside the work, and enabling the parish ministries to function efficiently.
  • Oversees stewardship and parish initiatives, becoming responsive as administrative liaison between your Pastor, ministries and office staff.
  • Supervises day-to-day functions regarding the Parish Center, the parish’s economic features, human resources, chapel assets and preparation.
  • Acts as staff liaison when it comes to parish’s Administrative Commission in development and implementation of its targets.
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