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Heredia / October 23, 2018

Life University’s Graduate system provides four Master’s levels, alongside a certified post-baccalaureate program that prepare the pupil for jobs in a variety of expert industries.

The Master’s in Sport Health Science (established 1990) leads to professions in fields such as recreations chiropractic, exercise science, athletic mentoring, sports damage management and performance nourishment.

The Master’s in Clinical diet (established 2012) contributes to jobs in businesses such as physician’s offices, hospitals, schools, health groups, nursing homes and meals companies in places like analysis, development, product sales, advertising and marketing, public relations and general public training. Nutrition professionals with a Master’s degree are often considered very first for opportunities in niche industries such pediatrics, important treatment and geriatrics, plus management positions.

The Master’s in Athletic Training (established 2014) causes professions inside medical profession, offering extensive treatment to athletes and physically active people. A professional sports instructor (ATC) is mixed up in prevention, evaluation or evaluation, therapy and rehab of athletic injuries. An ATC are utilized in high schools, colleges, activities medicine clinics, professional sports programs, corporations and other medical settings.

The Master’s in great Psychology (established 2014) causes professions in research, administration and leadership operating companies, academic organizations and governments, including health care. With three tracks covering coaching therapy, secular ethics and contemplative science, and general positive therapy, pupils are ready for professions in the field or advanced quantities of their option.

The post-baccalaureate dietetics programs provide didactic and internship options for pupils which desire to attain subscribed Dietitian qualifications.

Source: www.life.edu