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Nursing homes for elderly Heredia

Heredia / April 7, 2022

a gold alarm have been issued the other day after Heredia disappeared under mystical circumstances. SUNY Downstate, which runs LICH, was emptying a healthcare facility of clients so that they can close it.

an authorities representative told the Brooklyn Eagle that Heredia was discovered at his residence in Florida, but would not discover how he got truth be told there from LICH, based in Brooklyn’s 76th Precinct.

In accordance with the ny instances, Fort Pierce authorities had seen the target noted on Heredia’s identification card in June, but found no body there whom understood him.

The building in Fort Pierce noted on Heredia’s ID. In June, residents here informed the Fort Pierce Police division that no one only at that address understood him. Photo by Bing Maps

A long-time nursing assistant at LICH informed the Brooklyn Eagle that SUNY Downstate directors, trying to clear LICH of patients, purchased Heredia a bus solution to Florida that has been to go out of on July 19. “Nurses will never finish the discharge - they kept him indeed there, ” she said.

Heredia later on vanished, however - despite armed security guards posted at each medical center exit and a door that needed an unique security rule or card.

Heredia had been someone at LICH since he had been found wandering across the Brooklyn Queens Expressway in June. In line with the nyc circumstances, he believed he had been in California and the year was 2005.