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Medical System / December 14, 2016

Even though elderly people can certainly still stroll, mobility aides can provide additional safety, particularly for days when seniors are on the feet for long periods of time. Including items such as for instance:

  • Canes
  • Walkers
  • Handbook or Powered Wheelchairs
  • Hoyer Lift
  • Transfer aides—such as gait belts, transfer board, and bed or seats with built-in lifts

Bathroom Security Aides

The restroom becomes the most dangerous areas in the home as people many years. It is because sound stability must get up and down from the bathroom, and in and out from the bathtub. Give consideration to purchasing:

  • Raised Toilet Seats
  • Shower Benches
  • Grab Pubs
  • Non-Slip Bathmats
  • Converting To A Walk-In Bathtub Or Shower

Wellness Aides

Elderly people whom seek to stay at home when struggling with health issues might need to spend money on assistive products which help manage their particular everyday health. Dependent on their demands, this could consist of items like:

  • Glucometer
  • BP Track
  • Portable Oxygen Tank
  • Stationary Oxygen Tank
  • Nebulizer
  • Catheter Supplies
  • Continence Materials
  • Compression Clothing

ADL Aides

Activities of day to day living can become more difficult, but there are lots of aides that may cause them to become better to attain. Take into account that to make ADLs simpler, seniors might need to purchase new clothing—such as jeans with flexible waistbands rather than zippers, Velcro or no-tie shoes, and tops that do not need buttoning. Extra ADL aides are:

  • Simple Grip Silverware
  • Effortless Hold Drink Containers
  • A Grab Stick to Reach Tall Places
  • Elastic Shoelaces
  • Shoe Horn

Exercise Aides

As flexibility reduces, exercise might be more difficult to achieve. The good thing is there are many exercise aides that seniors can use while laying, sitting, or standing, to assist keep flexibility, freedom, and basic conditioning. This consists of products such:

  • Exercise Rings
  • Handheld Exercise Balls
  • Stationary Floor Pedals
  • Dumbells For Leg and Arms

The health and safety aides above increases both the health insurance and liberty of seniors who wish to remain yourself. They may be utilized continuous, or while dealing with an illness or damage. Whether looking for support for everyday living or assistance rehabbing from a recently available treatment or infection, contact the knowledgeable staff at Concordia today and eliminate the stress and alleviate the difficulties of choosing the appropriate medical gear for you or all your family members.

Source: www.concordialm.org