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Quality of care in nursing homes Heredia

Nursing Home Care / September 1, 2017

History.  Residential care in nursing homes is still needed for those people who are not able to stay home. Uncovering exactly what nursing house residents’ view as top-notch care in nursing homes enable further understanding of how far better provide quality, person-centred attention.

Aim.  to spell it out residents’ experiences of staying in a nursing house associated with quality of care.

Design.  The analysis utilises a descriptive exploratory design.

Method.  In-depth interviews had been done with 15 residents who have been maybe not cognitively impaired, aged 65 and over and staying in among four assisted living facilities. The interviews had been transcribed verbatim and analysed by categorising of definition.

Results.  Residents thought of the medical house because their residence, but at the same time not ‘a home’. This important ambiguity created the tension where the types of perceptions of high quality appeared. Four main kinds of quality of care knowledge had been identified: ‘Being at home in a nursing home’, ‘Paying the cost for 24-hour care’, ‘Personal habits and institutional routines’, and ‘Meaningful activities for a meaningful day’.

Conclusions.  Ambiguities in regards to the medical home as property and place to call home, a personal environment when the residents encounter most of their social life while the organization in which professional health solution is offered had been uncovered. High-quality care was whenever ambiguities were handled really and property could be created inside the institution.

Implication for training.  Achieving quality care in nursing homes requires reconciling the ambiguities for the nursing home as a property. Meaning assisting residents to create a personal house distinct through the professional house, allowing residents’ personal practices to guide institutional routines and supporting meaningful activities. Making use of these resident developed quality signs is an important help improving medical home solutions.