Helping seniors with

Helping seniors with technology


Technology has come a considerable ways throughout older grownups' lifetimes. They have witnessed from males landing on moon to remarkable health advances therefore the increase of an Internet-dependent culture.

Seniors in addition bear experience on means technology is changing the facial skin of the aging process. Influence your clients' well being by sharing these five tech solutions that can help to keep older adults healthy, safe and socially connected which makes caregiving jobs less stressful with regards to their relatives.

1. Personal Connection – Video talk and social networking hold Seniors touching Long-distance nearest and dearest

Relating to Unitedmedical's 2012 100@100 survey of centenarians, remaining socially involved is just as crucial that you healthier ageing as genetics and keeping a sound body.

While no technology takes the spot of in-person man connection, video clip chat services like Skype, or Internet-based communication networks such as email and social networking, can supplement seniors' social interactions whenever visits with relatives and buddies aren't possible or also infrequent. Seniors can talk to their particular neighborhood senior center for Web how-to classes, or they could have a tech-savvy grandchild have them arranged and show them the ropes.

2. Security – Seniors Living Alone Can Get assistance with the Push of a Button

Studies consistently show that 80 to 90 percent of seniors would you like to remain in their own house while they age. Some technological solutions make performing this safer for them. Any senior that resides alone must have a Personal crisis Response System (PERS). A PERS device allows the wearer to necessitate help with the straightforward push of a button. Both seniors and their own families can have peace of mind understanding the PERS can facilitate a call for help in any disaster situation.

Security is also a vital issue for seniors who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease condition or any other dementias, specially those vulnerable to wandering. A number of GPS tracking devices that will monitor a senior's location and submit alerts are great tools to keeps caregivers' worries at bay preventing possibly dangerous or lethal circumstances. Consider these innovative GPS devices for Alzheimer's wanderers.

3. Workout – Video Games Get Seniors' Figures and Minds Going

Many assisted living facilities and assisted living communities have acknowledged the recreational and do exercises advantages that Nintendo's Wii recreations games provide for senior adults. Seniors residing at home could also gain by owning a Wii or any other video game system controlled by movement. The games offer an enjoyable opportunity for seniors to take part in light physical activity from the absolute comfort of unique living room.

For emotional workout, seniors could try games such as Tetris (spatial recognition), Trivial Pursuit (reality remember), or Mahjong (memory and matching). Encourage seniors to apply by themselves after which challenge their particular grandkids.

4. Medicine Control – Smartphone Apps Will Avoid Medication Errors

Many seniors think it is challenging to keep an eye on their particular medicines. The reason why is obvious: Relating to a 2009 review by Medco Health possibilities, over fifty percent of older adult participants said they took at the least five various prescribed drugs frequently, and 25 percent said they took between 10 and 19 pills every day.

Product bins help, but technical solutions which also provide reminders and "time to refill" alerts may potentially support adherence toward prescribed medication routine. Seniors and their caregivers may take benefit of the RxmindMe or individual Caregiver medication reminder smartphone applications to cut back missed medicines and avoid medicine errors.

5. Wellness monitoring – Online Tools Simplify the entire process of Maintaining and Accessing Seniors' Wellness Information

Smartphone apps and cloud-based health information tracking systems can help seniors and their loved ones caregivers keep information such medical history, doctor associates, medicine schedules, and health conditions arranged and handy.

Senior wellness monitoring tools like me personally and My Caregivers additionally make it a lot simpler for senior attention experts like you to own access to a complete set of information about a senior patient, thus assisting you take advantage informed therapy decisions.