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Technology help for seniors

Technology Help For Seniors / November 8, 2016

technologyBy Sarah Stevensen,

Forget mastering simple tips to program the VCR—the technology seniors have actually their particular eyes on these days includes mobile gadgets, wireless connection and electronic products.

Is Grandma going gadget-crazy? Nearly yet. Indeed, the sheer number of older adults online and associated tech products is increasing, with more than 1 / 2 of seniors online and buying cellphones, relating to a 2012 survey by . But there’s nevertheless a long way going before we are able to start thinking about our older persons to be completely tech wise. The truth is, today’s technology could well keep seniors involved, linked, mentally energetic, and physically safe, which makes it more and more very important to our nearest and dearest to help keep in high-tech loop. So what devices should seniors and their particular caregivers have actually their particular attention on?

Must-Have Technology for Seniors

  • Pills and iPads. From games that advertise to apps that track wellness information, a can have a variety of good impacts on seniors’ everyday lives. Seniors can view pictures, listen to songs, read, learn languages—plus the devices tend to be lightweight, their particular touch displays are really easy to make use of, and font sizes may be modified for easier reading.
  • Reading helps. Having to wear a large listening device is no longer a justification for older grownups going without . The continuing miniaturization of products therefore the improvement of cordless transmission practices like Bluetooth has meant great strides in reading assistive technology. Reading aids may be little, clear, and almost invisible—or even implanted inside the ear it self.
  • Movie and on-line games. Whether or not it’s, Angry Birds, or perhaps the nintendo wii gaming console, video games have already been demonstrated to improve cognition, mental agility, plus real wellness for seniors, with devices like the Wii Fit. Not only that, game titles can promote social discussion.
  • Skype. These are social interaction, one-piece of software every senior should get knowledgeable about is Skype. Chatting with family members long-distance is a snap, you can view your family instantly, and it’s available for smart phones, tablets, and regular computers.
  • Wellness monitoring software. When your senior loved one has a pc or a mobile device, they should be aware of the useful pc software and apps offered to help, tell them of medicines, and also keep track of their health requirements, empowering them to take control of their own wellness. It’s a branch of technology that is priceless for caregivers, also.
  • Cordless internet. All the technologies on this listing wouldn’t be feasible without wireless net. If you would like your senior moms and dad to take full advantage of the unit, guarantee their particular residence is internet-ready. Even are employing cordless net technology to make it easier for residents and care providers to communicate quickly.
  • Smartphones. Mobile phones are getting to be more senior-friendly, with models having larger buttons and readouts, also picture speed dialing and sound recognition which will make use easier. Not only tend to be cell phones important for helping seniors stay linked to relatives and buddies, they might additionally assist perform critical security features like offering medicine reminders and GPS places.

Source: seniornet.org