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Accommodations aren't included because we've several different housing choices depending on your preferences and spending plan. Greenheart Vacation extremely suggests the host family members option, as it offers a good support system, a spot near the college, and culture and language immersion!

School staff will help you to locate housing for the thirty days of education. You can elect to extend the remain in your accommodation at night original month if you worry to.

Alternative 1: reside with a bunch Family
The preferred choice, and recommended by Greenheart Travel. Reside with a Costa Rican household within seconds associated with the college and build interactions which will endure an eternity. Get to know the “tico” culture and practice your Spanish daily at a very inexpensive cost. Three meals each day are included.

Expense: $550/month

Alternative 2: Casa de Flores
That is a delightful option for those looking a contemporary, comfortable lodging choice at an unbelievable cost. Positioned simply a quarter-hour through the Institute in Barva, Casa de Flores has actually four comfortable spaces available in a “shared lifestyle” knowledge. Each visitor features an exclusive space, and use of online, and access to the share and yard location. The thing that makes this accommodation so unique is the fact that it used to be a B&B with since already been changed into 4 flats. No meals are included with this particular choice.

Expense: $600/month

Option 3: Apart-Hotel Roma
The quietest & most private choice. This choice allows you to get back to YOUR VERY OWN spot at the conclusion of your day and unwind in whatever way you like. Great for those who like being around people, but who require having their particular sanctuary to “turn off” often. Includes a sizable completely furnished apartment with kitchen and day-to-day cleaning services and laundry facilities.

Expense: more or less $690/month

Job Market

Taking the TEFL Course in Costa Rica is the perfect way to find work there in a compensated English training place upon conclusion of program.

There clearly was a big need for TEFL/TESOL Certified local English speakers in Costa Rica. Finding work in Costa Rica typically needs your English instructor has already been in Costa Rica. Instructors look for work by visiting language schools and interviewing personally. Students taking the course in Costa Rica are in a unique position of being in the country for a month before looking a job. They likewise have the chance to make a personal task recommendation from training course staff, who possess historical relationships with schools around the area.

  • Peak employing period: June/July, December/January
  • Low employing season: Christmas time through mid-January (Many schools employ before the getaway break for roles starting in January)

Through your training course, you’ll have the opportunity to utilize the staff as a reference and connection for finding compensated teaching tasks in Costa Rica.

nicole-mekker “Although the training techniques they launched to united states in Costa Rica program vary considerably from what I’ve found teaching elementary pupils in Korea, we thought it has ready me more so compared to the other English educators i've satisfied. The program in Costa Rica centered on training individually in accordance with utilizing entirely English. It taught us just how to think quickly to answer tough concerns and clarify complicated principles you might say students can understand.” –Greenheart Travel Costa Rica TEFL participant, Nicole Mekker

Practically all compensated training roles in Costa Rica are in English language schools. Many training roles are positioned in and around San Jose into the Central Valley. There was a much greater demand for teachers in this area, because it's in which the majority of the English language schools and intercontinental corporations are found. You are able to get a hold of operate in smaller cities or close to the beach, but educators should expect the task search become more difficult, and may arrange for it to take more time to get and secure work (also to have significantly more cash to last until very first paycheck).

When you look at the language schools, you’ll be teaching adults, and hours are mostly evenings and weekends. Many educators should be prepared to work Saturdays, with Fridays and Sundays off. You may want to visit arrive at your classes, as many language schools provide classes to organizations. In such cases, perhaps you are visiting the business it self to teach your course.

There are elementary school positions working together with young ones. Hours for these jobs could be during school hours, Monday-Friday.

Setting Your Expectations

There are certain realities of finding work and teaching in Costa Rica that you need to know about before making a decision to go:

  • Costa Rica is recognized as a “break also” country. Instructors should be able to earn sufficient money to live away from if they are working enough hours weekly. Instructors should expect to stay frugally and bring additional savings traveling or augment their particular earnings.
  • It could take 2-4 weeks to safe and secure enough teaching hours to reside off of
  • A single 12 months teaching commitment is the norm
  • Each position and school location will be different
  • Most educators are paid hourly (approximately $8/hour)
  • Monthly pay can range between $400-900 each month (with regards to the college and wide range of hours worked)
  • Training hours can range from 18 – 40 hours weekly
  • You may want to just work at several college to obtain adequate teaching hours to live off of (some hours at one language school, some hours at another)
  • Some teachers elect to augment their regular training hours with exclusive tutoring (found individually)
  • Classes can begin around 7:00 have always been and complete as later as 10:00 PM
  • Students is either children or adults

Source: greenhearttravel.org