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Care Products / January 8, 2018

cebd9e0c-ca80-4625-a98e-e62f987e13ab_1000This is the 2nd installment of your regular section on assistive products. Weekly we will go into information about a certain assistive device and all you need to know before purchasing one. Study a week ago's assistive device post about wheelchairs here.

Sliding and dropping when you look at the bath could be a large fear at any age, nevertheless final thing anyone really wants to hear usually an older family member features injured on their own in the shower. If a parent is moving into your home, you can find actions that one may take to create your restroom a safer place. Shower seating is an excellent option to assist an older individual have a secure and enjoyable shower knowledge without having the concern with sliding and falling.

There are four choices that one can choose from whenever choosing a shower sitting additionally the costs and experiences can range considerably with respect to the alternative that you choose. Here are the good qualities and cons of every form of shower sitting to assist you make an informed decision about which to acquire.

Removable Shower Seats

Detachable shower chairs would be the many inexpensive alternative when searching for bath tub stability. They are outfitted with rubberized stoppers at the end and will include a number of features. Most are only stools with no manages or backrests. Some include everything including anti-bacterial coating. The aforementioned is a DMI bath chair with backrest.


  • Inexpensive
  • Removable
  • Number of kinds and sizes


  • Additional work to move in/out
  • Difficult to step over tub wall surface
  • Occupies area

Built-in Bathtub chairs

These are the bathtub seating which are often promoted on television. These bathtub tubs frequently feature a door making it a lot easier to enter and exit the bathtub. Into the picture above, this tub also includes an attached help hand bar for additional security.

  • Easy to move around in and out
  • More content seating
  • Seems superior to detachable seats
  • Expensive
  • Should be set up

Transfer Benches

Transfer benches resemble detachable bath chairs but they have actually a long section that allows an individual to slide on the seat. If you are afraid that a relative could have trouble getting over along side it of the bathtub, transfer benches are a great option to reduce the danger. The Invacare transfer bench above has an integrated handle for additional assistance also.

Fold-down wall-mounted seats

Wall-mounted bath chairs are a good selection for bathrooms with operate baths. These chairs attach to the wall and fold straight down when they're needed. Though there are many different types, nearly all of them are lacking handle bars and extra grab taverns will have to be put in. The above mentioned instance is a Nova Ortho-Med restrooms 365 wall mounted shower seat.

  • Folds away for easy storage/access
  • Seems better than other options
  • Decreased supporting grab bars
  • Primarily limited to operate showers

Whenever a family member requires additional assistance into the bath, ensure they will have the best unit. Before selecting bath seating, consider the area which you have, the cash that you are happy to invest and consider all options. When you yourself have any queries about bath sitting or assistance designed for seniors, please contact us at Qualicare.