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Javier Heredia1Alumni Spotlight: Javier Heredia

Javier Heredia is an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduate whom received his degree in Aeronautical Science in 1999. He could be presently a Captain for Spirit Airlines.

Discuss job course since graduating.

I graduated from Daytona university in December of 1999 with a B.S in Aeronautical Science and a minor in aviation security. After graduation we started teaching as a Flight Instructor off university and ended up being employed as a First Officer with United states Eagle Airlines.

The aviation business took a volatile turn after the tragic activities of September 11th. We noticed how the industry all together was calling for an emphasis on Pilot In Command flight time, so in 2003 We made a tough choice and decided to alter air companies. I joined Comair Delta Connection and was based and located in Cincinnati, OH for 36 months.

On December fifteenth, 2006 I suffered a terrible accident as a pedestrian that nearly finished my life and my career as an expert pilot. After many weeks, months and years in real rehab, we slowly learned to inhale, swallow, chew and stand-on my personal. After many struggles and frustrations, I became capable come back to the sky. I will be now a Captain with Spirit Airlines traveling the Airbus 320, located in Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport.

Exactly how do you conquer the accident and attain the aim of Captain with Spirit?

We was raised around aviation. My father was a Captain with Aeromexico for more than three decades, so being a pilot is part of my DNA.

My life and my family’s lives had been forever changed on December 15th, 2006. While crossing the street inside crosswalk along with the walk signal, myself and a new lady I became dating had been struck from at the rear of by a personal sanitation vehicle. We suffered multiple and life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately the young girl I was with was killed.

Four weeks later I woke around the noise of my mother’s vocals as I arrived on the scene of a medically induced haze. Maybe not understanding what happened, I'd becoming reminded of just what had occurred. We laid into the bed associated with the Intensive Care device associated with the stress hospital stunned. Unable to go and chat considering a tracheotomy, I just cried in disbelief as I learned the fate associated with the younger girl additionally the level of my accidents.

I underwent much more surgical treatments as my data recovery carried on. After being discharged from ICU, I happened to be taken up to a sub-acute rehabilitation center (nursing residence). After 3 months I became eventually powerful adequate to endure a flight to Tx. When here, my recovery would carry on for about 3 more many years. Day in and day out I was spending my time between medical practitioner visits and real rehabilitation.

Considering that the night of the accident, I’ve had the assistance of my friends and family. My immediate household came to my help and pals from ERAU, in addition to non-ERAU buddies (but we won’t hold that against all of them).

The outpouring of support from the ERAU staff, pupils and alumni stunned my parents. Although we don’t specifically recall this event. I happened to be told that an excellent friend of my own who's an ERAU graduate was in the ICU area whenever I unexpectedly torn completely an IV I had. He immediately hopped out of the chair, pressed both his hand solidly to my supply to stop loss of blood in which he screamed for help. The level of support ranges out of this to as easy as a letter of encouragement into the post.

Source: careerservices.erau.edu