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Technologies for Older Adults

Care Products / May 12, 2021

One University spin-out in aging space you may not know about is Kinesis Health Technologies. Kinesis wellness Technologies are a start up organization located in University College Dublin (Ireland), and a spinout business regarding the TRIL centre (Technology Research for Independent lifestyle Centre). TRIL ended up being a big (€22m) 6 12 months ageing analysis programme funded by Intel, GE medical and also the Irish federal government. TRIL lovers included three leading Irish Universities, University College Dublin, Trinity university Dublin, nationwide University of Ireland Galway, Intel and GE medical. TRIL was centered on three core dilemmas around the aging process: falls, intellectual drop and social separation.

Kinesis licensed the internet protocol address around forecast of falls from Intel and Care Innovations and also created QTUG, a wearable sensor based technology for predicting falls in seniors. In the usa and Canada, we a number of vendors including Care Innovations and GE Canada. From Barry Green, CTO, Kinesis Health Technologies.