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Costa Rica / December 26, 2021

Costa Rica hostipal wardsThere are five private hospitals in Costa Rica. We have had experience three regarding the five so I will include my impressions to your basic information of each and every.

The CAJA system of community hospitals in Costa Rica provides excellent health care, however, many people who arrive at Costa Rica, particularly those through the United States Of America or Canada, expect to see a medical center nearly such as the ones "at house". Few CAJA hospitals will satisfy this hope. Most general public crisis rooms are crowded and noisy, although the CAJA system absolutely works, it occasionally appears like it does not, and people come to be concerned or frightened, especially if they don't speak Spanish

While there is always a physician or nursing assistant somewhere in a public hospital who talks English, they might not be readily available or nearby when you're wanting to explain what hurts or what's the issue you're having. This is truly scary if you're unsure you may be interacting precisely your medical requirements.

If you're in Costa Rica and employ the CAJA system, i suggest you at least discover the Spanish names for your body components. Demonstrably pointing usually works, but good communications abilities are essential. That is one of the many reasons we tell people they truly must learn Spanish to reside here easily.

For these explanations, many folks which reside here prefer to check-out one of many fine hostipal wards here in the San José location. A unique medical center will be in the offing when it comes to Liberia area in Guanacaste. Should they maintain their plans, this should be a very modern and well-equipped facility. I have heard a completion date of 2007, in Costa Rica, dates rarely suggest a lot!

The 3 private hospitals most popular tend to be Cima Hospital, Clinica Católica, and Hospital Clínica Bíblica. Note: The opinions and thoughts below represent a compilation of my opinions (easily have experienced any first hand knowledge) and those of folks whose viewpoints I trust.

Cima Medical Center

Cima Hospital situated about quarter-hour west of San José. CIMA is really part of several hospitals, Consorcio Internacional Hospital, S.A, and associated with the Overseas Hospital Corporation in Dallas, TX. CIMA hospitals had been additionally associated with the Baylor University infirmary in Dallas, but that contract features expired and there is no more any commitment.

This hospital is a well liked of many americans living right here. English is a little more prevalent right here, while the hospital it self seems...