Costa Rica Signs New Law for

Elderly person care in Costa Rica

Costa Rica / June 12, 2022

maridos-de-alquilerMany of the visitors back at my month-to-month relocation/retirement trips ask myself towards best way to engage a maid, handyman, prepare or you to take care of an elderly individual. Really, I have very good news for retirees who are already residing right here as well as those intending to come — there are now agencies that will offer help by the hour or full and part-time work.

Domésticas CR, Agencia de Empleados Domésticas GDL, Femme y Esposas de Alquiler are some of the companies that may provide services for your certain requirements. These businesses train their particular assistance, do back ground inspections and assessment and require sources for virtually any worker. Additionally they be sure that all staff members possess proper documentation. One of the biggest concerns when employing a domestic employee is theft or a major accident face to face. A thorough evaluating process minimizes the probability of the previous. In the event that worker is employed through a company, it must believe obligation for the staff member in case of any sort of accident. In the event that staff member is hired right after that homeowner must cover the medical costs.

domesticasDomésticas CR has been in company for twenty years. The master of the firm gives a three-month guarantee the solutions the business provides. However, the person employing the domestic needs to additionally pay the Cargas Sociales (health and pension benefits) for worker. Domésticas CR needs care of this and bill the customer month-to-month so as to stay away from paperwork and any factible confusion about Costa Rica’s labor regulations. Finally, the organization will train the employees precisely being provide great solution. Call 2261-6347 for extra information.

Agencia de Empleadas Domésticas features 30 years experience in the field and provides comparable services for expat retirees and others in need of help.

The agency Femmme only provides full-time domestic assistance.