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Nursing Home Care / June 18, 2022

July-2012-2A Short History of the IHCNO

A group of 12 nurses from around the usa and a s far away as Singapore came across collectively at Case west Reserve’s School of Nursing to prepare an Inaugural meeting for the International homecare Nurses business.

Group Photo: Inaugural meeting – the ongoing future of Health Care has reached Home – presented at Case Western Reserve University’s Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing June 25 through Summer 28, 2013. Nursing assistant members included associates from 13 countries, including Chile, Costa Rica, Asia, Jordan, Nepal, Qatar, Southern Korea, Singapore, Surinam, Thailand, Uganda, united states of america and Zimbabwe.

Over 30 presentation and poster topics included house wellness delivery attention models far away, research in home health nursing, applying specialty programs (such as for instance psychological state, HIV, diabetic issues, pediatric and palliative attention programs), medical and academic programs and others. Networking activities and conferences provided possibilities to envision the continuing future of home-based nursing attention and techniques to teach nurses for this specialized area of nursing practice

Source: ihcno.org