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Nursing Home Care / March 17, 2017

There are 81 cantons (counties) in Costa Rica, and all sorts of of these are comprised of districts. Each area has one or more EBAIS; some do have more, depending on populace. The county of San Ramon comprises 13 districts, certainly one of which is in fact the town of San Ramon, in which the county seat resides, populace 10, 500.

We go directly to the EBAIS situated in our area, Santiago. Luckily, our EBAIS in Santiago is available 3 days per week — Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the employees travels with other parts of the region.

Each EBAIS group is made up of at the least a doctor, nursing assistant, medical files technician, and pharmacist technician. Our EBAIS also offers a Técnico de Atención Primaria, a visiting nursing assistant just who travels by bike doing house visits for the neighborhood. Our EBAIS can also be staffed by two seeing nurses and, every fourteen days, there is also a lab specialist on-site to just take blood as well as other samples for analysis. Email address details are available within another fourteen days for review by the doctor.

Visiting the EBAIS is convenient since it is near to where we reside. It makes me personally feel associted with town to go to our regional EBAIS. Being Expats, we might be somewhat of a novelty at EBAIS, but everyone greets united states with smiles. Another customers are interested in in which we reside and just how lengthy we’ve experienced Costa Rica. These are typically extremely respectful toward united states and each other, specially their older persons. Every month there are posters and information on a featured medical condition. 30 days it might be disease understanding and another month a focus from the special medical requirements of seniors.

This could be the very first time within my life that Everyone loves visiting the doctor’s. Every time I-go, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling because I sit here watching the households are presented in – younger, old, expecting, kiddies, everybody locally. Those with persistent circumstances, like diabetic issues and maternity, get seen initially by the doctor.

There is no phoning forward for a scheduled appointment, unless it really is an emergency. The conventional procedure for most people are to show up between 6:30 and 7 am and obtain in-line to begin to see the medical files technician/ front desk staff once the EBAIS opens up at 7am. She offers you a consultation time for later inside day – first come, first served. Then you go homeward and return later on at your appointed time.

The waiting room is basic but clean. You can find wooden benches and hand-made indications on doorways. No wallpaper, potted flowers and cushy seats right here. It's standard plus it works. The Amount Of Money is spent on health care, not décor.