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Nursing Home Care / February 12, 2022

Hello! I’m pleased that you’re thinking about nurse-midwifery education at Frontier Nursing University. Dating back to towards work of Mary Breckinridge into the gorgeous mountains of Eastern Kentucky when you look at the 1920s, ours is an abundant legacy of nurse-midwifery care of females, children and people. Although some aspects of our work have altered within the last few 90 many years, one's heart and spirit of midwifery attention haven't. At Frontier, we continue to be focused on planning nurse-midwives to give safe, gratifying, woman- and family-focused, evidence-based attention. Midwifery attention, midwifery pupils and Frontier Nursing University tend to be my interests, and I would like to share those passions with you!

What's A Nurse-Midwife?

Nurse-midwives are major healthcare providers to ladies through the lifespan. This means nurse-midwives perform real exams, prescribe medications including contraceptive methods, order laboratory tests as needed, provide prenatal attention, gynecological care, work and beginning attention, along with wellness education and counseling to ladies of many years. Women, kiddies and households have actually much better resides due to the work of nurse-midwives. The United states College of Nurse-Midwives could be the expert relationship that signifies CNMs and CMs.

FNU's Community-Based Nurse-Midwifery Knowledge Program (CNEP)

The ‘heart’ of midwifery is really synonymous with ‘mothering’ – mothering with unconditional love. Among the best midwives i've known had never produced a kid but she ended up being the role type of ‘mothering, ’ not merely the moms she maintained, however for the doctors and nurses, midwives and students with who she worked. One's heart of midwifery shown because of the specific midwives usually unconditional love of ‘mothering’ they provide wherever these are typically caring.

Kitty Ernst,
FNU faculty user & 1952 graduate

In our Community-based Nurse-Midwifery Education system (CNEP), you may complete your studies either full time or part-time together with your house community providing as the classroom. You’ll additionally complete a clinical practicum inside neighborhood, in which you’ll work closely with an avowed nurse-midwife. FNU has actually agreements with preceptor sites around the world and continuously adds web sites.

Our curriculum features a solid educational and medical foundation. Its special in that we coach you on not just to be a nurse-midwife, additionally to-be operator and a leader in maternal and infant medical care. CNEP comes with a very good primary treatment component, organizing you to definitely maintain women over the lifespan.

All pupils wanting to come to be a nurse-midwife will undoubtedly be admitted toward MSN + Companion DNP program. Whenever you receive the Master of Science in Nursing level, you'll decide to either continue seamlessly in to the 17 credit time Companion DNP system or end your studies because of the MSN. Finishing the DNP is highly recommended. Find out about the MSN + Companion DNP right here.

For applicants seeking MSN with alternative of Companion DNP:P:

For individuals which curently have MSN or master's in nursing pursuing an extra niche certification (with alternative of Companion DNP):

Early CNEP students who want to complete the MSN degree:

Early CNEP graduates contemplating the Women's Health Completion Program:

Kathryn Schrag, a nurse-midwife and member of FNU’s clinical faculty, is a frontrunner within the birth center field. Kathryn started her midwifery career during the very first midwifery solution in Tucson, Ariz., and some many years later on co-founded the state’s first birth center. Since its creation in 1981, she has led the development of the Birth and Women’s Health Center – which goes on among the nation’s longest-running birth centers – into a nationally acknowledged model for delivery center solutions and more than 10, 000 births. Kathryn is a recipient regarding the United states College of Nurse-Midwives’ local Award for quality, The United states Association of Birth Center’s (AABC) pro Achievement Award, and contains served from the AABC Board of administrators. She's taught the AABC’s “How to begin a Birth Center” workshop for a long time and brings a great deal of entrepreneurial and medical expertise to the lady training at FNU.

“During my decades of midwifery rehearse, I have seen the thought of midwifery in a delivery center establishing evolve from being a new idea that just made feeling, to a type of attention which solidly supported by clinical proof. In a time of anxiety and alter within health care system, delivery centers are now actually beautifully placed to show how we can offer services in a secure and cost-effective fashion, as well as empowering women and strengthening families. Our midwifery students at Frontier have the difference to be the sole pupils in the nation that have detailed education in the beginning center style of care, and therefore will undoubtedly be prepared to play a role in their growth.”

FNU graduate Rebecca Turecky attends births in outlying Costa Rica. Before you make Costa Rica her home, Rebecca, who may have a history in women’s studies and alternate healing, worked in Europe and Africa advertising women’s health. The woman U.S. nursing and midwifery degrees had been validated because of the Costa Rican College of Nurses, and, for longer than ten years, she has been really the only nurse-midwife offering homebirth in Costa Rica. Since 1991, Rebecca has been associated with efforts to humanize childbirth in Costa Rica. She co-founded a non-profit called Asociacion Mamasol ( to teach and recommend for lots more humane care of childbearing ladies and their babies. “I drive through bumpy dirt roads, cross rivers and climb up hills out to remote domiciles, occasionally without electrical energy. Whenever Personally I Think myself get stressed, as I drive through a tropical rainstorm or thick mountain fog to reach a laboring girl, I Believe of Mary Breckinridge on the horse and don't forget that Im a Frontier Midwife!”

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