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Costa Rica / December 3, 2017

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - When Mike Gutierrez learned there was clearly an opening for students to participate in a study-abroad day at Costa Rica, he didn’t need certainly to think twice about enrolling.

“It ended up being a good opportunity i possibly couldn’t resist, ” stated Gutierrez, a sophomore nursing significant from Marietta, Georgia. Fleetingly ahead of the end of this autumn 2014 semester, he and 14 other Penn State pupils boarded an airplane to Costa Rica, where they invested a week studying the united states’s healthcare system.

Offered within the Comparative Health techniques course (HPA 401) in the wellness plan and management program, the journey has also been offered as a one-credit independent studies knowledge for pupils not signed up for the course. Some of the members had been HPA majors, four (including Gutierrez) had been signed up for various other majors.

Two things made the trip specially attractive to Gutierrez. Very first, with his Hispanic history, he had been worked up about visiting Central America.

“My mother was born in the Dominican Republic, and Hispanic culture happens to be an integral part of my entire life, ” he stated. “So I’m extremely comfortable for the reason that environment.”

2nd, Gutierrez ended up being desperate to learn about medical care system in an establishing country. In Costa Rica, he got a firsthand view of the community health system — rated by the un in top 20 worldwide and first-in Latin The united states.

“The U.S. medical care system is quite company focused, and clients in many cases are a bit more than numbers, ” he stated. “In Costa Rica, health care is a group effort and extremely family members concentrated. In My Opinion if US system could follow a few of the exact same features, our client attention and data recovery prices would improve.”

One particular functions could be the rehearse of using trained health care workers generally ATAPs (the literal name is “técnico de atención primaria, ” which loosely equals “primary care/attention technician”). Gutierrez and his traveling companions accompanied the ATAPs on the visits to clients inside their houses.