Car Insurance Costa Rica

Insurance Costa Rica

Costa Rica / September 30, 2017

Auto insurance in Costa Rica is a federal government dominance of this INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros). Liability insurance coverage from INS is required legally, but provides just minimal protection. Local rental agencies offer supplemental programs that cover deductibles and contingencies apart from an easy traffic accident.

Fording a river in Costa Rica

Figures 2) and 3) may be changed by the charge card protection (see details for bank card coverage). Check just before lease, and obtain it on paper. Some credit card companies have actually exclusions particularly against Latin-American rentals. Some rental companies don't allow you to waive this insurance coverage aside from various other protection.

1) Required by Law—Mandatory SLI, TPL, SLC or API

Responsibility insurance coverage through the INS is needed aside from your policies yourself or what you think your titanium, platinum, or zirconium credit card card covers. The price ranges from $United States 10-20 per day with regards to the car. This insurance coverage doesn't protect your local rental automobile whatsoever, just problems to many other individuals, their cars, or home. If you don't buy supplements, or have reported protection from your own credit card you are nevertheless in charge of all problems into rental car.

This insurance coverage is not replaced with bank card coverage.

2) Optional—CDW or LDW

Collision Damage Waivers tend to be a health supplement underwritten because of the rental organization to reduce your obligation for the leasing car toward deductible quantity ($US 1, 500-3, 000 with respect to the business and car) just regarding a major accident. The fee ranges from $US 15-40 daily with regards to the organization and car. You will be however in charge of all losses or damages when it comes to negligence, vandalism, road harm, or theft.