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Surgery in Costa Rica

Costa Rica / August 20, 2017

Celeste Falls, Costa Rica

No further a sleepy destination for cost-conscious American expats pursuing dental hygiene, Costa Rica’s two JCI-accredited hospitals and various smaller, personal AAAASF- and AAAHC-accredited clinics additionally provide many medical solutions, including orthopedics, cardiology, plastic surgery, and bariatrics. Idyllic views and special “recovery lodges” make Costa Rica a prime destination the medical tourist.

Along with its relative wealth as a Central US country, emphasis on ecotourism, and lengthy reputation for relative governmental tranquility, Costa Rica—Spanish for “rich shore—” can hardly be labeled a third-world nation. Few holidaymaker destinations provide such easy access to leisure tasks.

Breathtaking nationwide areas of volcanoes and cloud forests are lower than an hour’s drive through the money, San Jose. Both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are often accessible, with loads of local and westernized rooms. With many People in america vacationing in, visiting, or buying real-estate in Costa Rica, numerous “Ticans” question if their particular country won’t quickly get to be the US’s fifty-first condition.

Costa Rica Healthcare and Health Tourism

The whole world wellness company has actually rated Costa Rica as one of the top three health methods in Latin The united states, and the country regularly ranks greater in healthcare than several of its industrialized alternatives including Canada while the US. Likewise, life span is amongst the world’s greatest (79.7 years, twelve months more than the US).

Health vacation is huge also. In 2015, the united states welcomed some 48, 000 health and wellness tourists, mostly from US, Canada, and also the EU. Neighboring nations such Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras in addition search for Costa Rica for access to higher-quality medical solutions. Some five per cent of Costa Rica’s worldwide tourists visit this tiny, rich nation to take advantage of its medical solutions, mostly surgery treatment and dental hygiene.

For many preparing minimally unpleasant procedures, Costa Rica’s proximity into the US and reputation as a traveler location provide the best of both globes. In reality, Costa Rica is one of the top five nations most visited by Us americans searching for medical treatment.

Costa Rica boasts countless board-certified physicians, surgeons, and dentists, mainly exercising in or near San Jose. Taking advantage of Costa Rica’s success in plastic surgery and dentistry, the united states’s intercontinental medical offerings have expanded recently to include eye surgery and other elective processes, particularly bariatric surgery (for losing weight) and orthopedics. Furthermore, Costa Rica has actually launched study and clinical initiatives for Parkinson's, several sclerosis, pain management, and diabetes.

Three hospitals—CIMA San Jose, Clinica Catolica, and Clinica Bíblica—have recently undergone considerable growth and modernization to entice a wider mixture of international patients. Clinica Biblica ended up being the initial in the nation to obtain JCI accreditation. American-owned Hospital CIMA in San Jose realized JCI status in 2008. Both tend to be full-service hospitals providing clients many specialties and procedures previously unavailable towards the medical traveler.

While Costa Rica enjoys a reputation for cosmetic surgery, lots of the nation's noted surgeons don't have their own services, but instead practice in one of the respected hostipal wards, like Catolica, Bíblica or CIMA. For clients whom prefer the relative intimacies of a clinic, the less comfortable hospital environment might be off-putting.

"Recovery Resorts" an original Feature

One of Costa Rica’s unique health travel areas may be the “recovery refuge, ” a hotel or ranch-style accommodation that acts recuperating patients solely. Situated near centers, these retreats have got all the amenities of a typical hotel, but they are staffed with nurses and interns which focus on the unique requirements of recuperating patients.

Transportation to and from the airport is normally included with the cost, as it is transportation to centers for assessment and therapy. Guests during these retreats chat at breakfast and dinner about their particular most recent therapy, and a snapshot of this customers at any stage is generally a portrait of recovery’s progress—from the bruises of yesterday’s renovation treatment towards confident laugh and gait of the patient going house.

Overseas clients will likely be pleased to discover that Costa Rica’s medical center and clinic internet sites are increasingly in English, and patient solutions tend to be improving. Don’t expect large-scale grandeur: Costa Rica's hospitals are small in comparison to top worldwide hospitals in India, Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand. However, health tourists to Costa Rica will find excellent services in a few of smaller, personal services positioned in San Jose and its own Americanized suburb, Escazú.

Cities in nation:
San Jose

Nation Dialing Code:

120V, connect type A

Costa Rica Colon (CRC)

Recommended Immunizations:
Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid booster

Spanish, English commonly spoken

Standards and Accreditation:

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