Health care in Costa Rica

Health care in Costa Rica

Costa Rica / August 29, 2014

The objective of this paper will be measure the key treatments Costa Rica has continued to develop to expand health coverage the poor alongside vulnerable groups, with an increased exposure of its way of major medical care. Universal health coverage in Costa Rica is supplied through an individual nationwide medical insurance program. The program, which safeguards the poor with no problems of a fragmented system, additionally the sustained guidelines which have enabled the building of a great primary healthcare system, is broadly recognized as profitable story. At same, time brand new difficulties tend to be emerging to sustaining the prosperity of Costa Rica's universal coverage of health. Personal safety of Costa Rica (Caja Costarricense de Seguridad Social, CCSS) deals with increased production prices and demographic and epidemiological alterations in a rapidly aging populace. This report is divided into three wide sections: (1) objective associated with example and wellness system review; (2) main health care additionally the organization of health solutions within CCSS; and (3) schedule of crucial policy choices for a renewed main medical care strategy within a far more receptive and renewable medical health insurance system.


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