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Aging population and health care Central America

Health Care / March 15, 2018

In this study the authors explore the intersecting characteristics of evolving demographic trends, shifting epidemiological profiles, and worker migration in five countries in Americas to develop policy tips for wellness staff development, specifically for nursing employees. The nations highlighted in this research tend to be El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, in addition to united states of america.

The report starts by giving general history information about the care industry in each nation. Part II explores the event of nurse migration and shows the efforts of globally educated nurses (IENs) towards the U.S. healthcare system. Nursing human being resource dilemmas specific every single nation and their backlinks to general educational conditions that affect nursing tend to be shortly discussed. Section III product reviews the most important healthcare dilemmas in each nation, speaking about exactly how changing demographics and epidemiological pages boost the demand for solutions and exactly how nursing services can satisfy this new demand.

Utilizing migration to meet healthcare need is complex. However, the writers advocate exploring and investing in the alternative because of the possible advantages to healthcare methods, economies, and patient effects. Tips consist of opportunities in educational systems, ways to facilitate the credentialing of nurses across edges, building visas centered on enhancing language concordance between nurses and patients disproportionately affected by health disparities, integrating transitional academic programs as part of the credentialing procedure for internationally educated nurses, and approaches to capitalize on “hidden nurses” of Hispanic heritage that are presently living in the United States.

Dining table of articles

We. Sector Overview

A. El Salvador

B. Guatemala

C. Honduras

D. Mexico

E. America

II. An Overview of Local Nursing Workforce Dilemmas

A. Trends in International Nurse Migration

B. Styles in United States Nursing Workforce Demand