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Aging population and health care Heredia

Health Care / August 24, 2017

Electric mailing listing

Misinformation or misunderstanding

Obvious and easy information with picture or audio help. Possibly bidirectional information (provider and people) become more effective to confirm delivery messages.

Social Networking

Misunderstanding o lack of information. Lack of confidentiality.

Reforcement of safety through education and control of accessibility.


1. Requirements quickly computers with sound/video cards and net connection.

1. Private and public founding to cover expenses.

2. Need logistic help (webmaster, programmer, editor, designer.

2. Free-wifi system.

3. Mastering abilities about computer systems and internet navigation.


1. Expenses of telecommunication

1. Public and exclusive support to pay for expenses.

2. Information handling of equipment

2. Free wifi networking for remote regions

3. Specialized training

4. Informatic help


1. Large costs of cellular devices

1. Reduced expenses of mobile phones. Android os has actually a clear advantage over iOS devices regarding cost and technology.

2. Protection problems

2. Knowledge and trained in protection systems to generally share health information via applications.

3. Web conection

3. Public and personal support to expand cellular and cordless system on most remote and resource-poor conditions.