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Aging and health care Heredia

Health Care / May 24, 2017

Dr. Ruiz has devoted his career toward application of e-learning and academic technologies to health care knowledge. A specialist in e-learning in medical care education, Dr. Ruiz is a founder therefore the director of GeriU ( the Online Geriatrics University, and GRECC Laboratory of E-learning and Multimedia Research (LEMUR, in which he directs an interdisciplinary team of detectives, research fellows, and media experts. His research interests consist of using academic technologies to lessen the burden of heart disease, web-based geriatrics training, growth of digital patient simulations in cigarette cessation, the part of health literacy and numeracy in-patient self-management, the usage artistic helps for interaction of aerobic risk, and computer-based clinical decision help for physicians. Dr. Ruiz’ analysis in-patient education and self-management includes projects utilizing avatar-mediated interventions to foster healthier actions in patients with obesity, diabetes mellitus, overactive bladder, coronary disease, and smoking addiction. Of late, Drs. Ruiz as well as the interdisciplinary study group at GRECC Laboratory of E-learning and Multimedia Research have already been examining the utilization of digital people as interventions to improve health care education, exercise among sedentary veterans, and self-management for patients.