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Senior health care products

Health Care / October 17, 2018

If hired for a position with us, our sales associates receive a starting weekly Base Pay for their first 4 weeks on staff during their "learning curve" training period while still earning full commission on all products they sell. Furthermore, from week one, all colleagues have the advantageous asset of qualifying for regular Expense Pay up to $500.00 weekly, having supplied their few days's business expense receipts. Furthermore, once a associate into the Buffett ETPAD has actually completed their particular entire item profile training (usually no more than 180 days / 6-mos), then they receive a $15, 000.00 (fifteen thousand-dollar) extra check!

After an associate features mastered our main products, all colleagues have the choice of entering high rate training to learn BSH's extra items, such as for example underage health insurance and life products, Long Term Care, and monetary solution items (i.e. Annuities).