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Health Care / July 31, 2018

Spanish for medical researchers in Costa Rica lets you find out career-oriented Spanish while also using a health-related course taught in English. This 5-week system occurs during the 2nd summer program at Universidad Veritas, a personal university in San José, the main city town of Costa Rica.

Course endorsement for Spanish language:
Whenever choosing a Spanish-language training course, choose the one whose information most readily useful reflects your capabilities. Take into account that you don’t must know any Spanish to be involved in the program. Once you’re accepted into the program, we are going to send you guidelines for taking an on-line placement exam in order for Veritas can begin to evaluate your standard of Spanish. Following the on the web (written) positioning exam, you will be evaluated by mouth by staff in Costa Rica via Skype, enabling you to be put in the most likely language amount before you arrive in Costa Rica.

Program approval for English electives
Before going overseas, it's always best to get 2–3 elective courses approved. In this way you should have a great amount of classes available many flexibility in installing your schedule.

Program information and catalog: Pick one Spanish-language course and one English health insurance and person development program.

Spanish-language programs

SSP 141 Español Básico con el fin de Profesionales de Salud (Basic Spanish for medical researchers)

This 5-week course is designed for health personnel with no Spanish-language knowledge. Through simulations, you will acquire the language skills you need for fundamental communication with Spanish-speaking customers.

SSP 241 Español Intermedio con el fin de Profesionales de Salud (Intermediate Spanish for Health Professionals)

This program is made for health workers who've taken no less than 100 optional hours of Spanish as a second language. Through simulations of certain situations, you’ll deepen your knowledge of medical-related Spanish for much better communications with Spanish-speaking customers.

SSP 341 Español Avanzado para poder Profesionales de Salud (Advanced Spanish for Health Professionals)

This course is perfect for wellness workers with advanced Spanish who need to boost their linguistic competency. The aim is to leave you capable of communicating more effectively and fluently together with your Spanish-speaking clients and their own families.