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Help For The Elderly / January 19, 2022

ISA Service-Learning provides students and recent students the chance to discover first-hand about social conditions that communities around the world face. By integrating with community-based businesses and after a structured, reflection-based curriculum, become familiar with how neighborhood professionals and professionals are dealing with these problems using readily available resources while building intercultural and management abilities in a real-world framework.

Through your system, you are going to develop a service-learning portfolio, which will be a collection of reflection-based tasks and tasks. This portfolio gives you a led framework to examine your knowledge, develop a sophisticated sense of civic duty, and demonstrate your professional and cultural competencies attained throughout your system.

Each of our service-learning community-based companies is unique, therefore look at the ISA Service-Learning website to learn more about your options in Heredia.

Heredia is a tremendously pleasant and ...

System Overview

Heredia is a tremendously pleasant and comfortable Costa Rican town. Filled with enjoyable parks, vibrant plazas and a surprising record. The city showcases pleasant plazas, rich green rooms, and friendly individuals appreciating their particular times. The smell of coffee wafts to the roads from nearby homes and from the many coffee plantations that surround the city. Heredia lies around 11 kilometers toward northwest of San José, inside verdant tropical foothills of this extinct Barva Volcano.

System Features

1. Obtain personalized advising on solution options and program choices which can be ideal fit for you. Could receive verification associated with the community-based company you have been coordinated with prior to deviation.

2. Start your transition to daily life inside brand-new country and tradition on Bridging Cultures Program, our in-country positioning.

3. Gain benefit from the ISA company, located on the Universidad Latina university. Enjoy the company of on-site staff, your fellow service-learning individuals and ISA pupils, and make use of the Wi-Fi online offered during the ISA company.

4. Have the opportunity to make educational credit.

5. Demonstrate the professional, social, and private competencies you obtained during this program through reflection-based projects and tasks that make up the ISA Service-Learning Portfolio.

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