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Heredia / November 20, 2021

Bottle aging is a procedure of reduction which gives a wine that has withstood exceptional wine-making and barrel-ageing processes a particular smoothness and an unlimited number of aromatic nuances that constitute its bouquet. Even our most commercial wines invest no less than six months ageing within our cellars before released obtainable.

Bottles aging within our cellars

More commercial wines are the results of mixing of numerous vintages to get an average age, a procedure which can be performed at the end of the barrel ageing procedure. Gran Reserva wines, having said that, that have spent years in containers, aren't blended. The entire year of their classic is shown regarding Appellation region label.

Not all the vintages are chosen to be "great wines"; several per decade at the most tend to be chosen due to their superiority. Making these wines takes at the very least seven years, at the conclusion of that they are clarified with fresh egg whites. They have been then immediately bottled right from the barrel, without any filtering, and sealed with an extended cork.

We just use fresh egg whites to clarify our wines.

The corks tend to be additional sealed with wax to avoid any connection with the outside in their a long time in the cellar. It is only inside lengthy sleep period which they find the sounding "Gran Reserva", like perfect men with nobly grown old, while nevertheless keeping some of their particular youthful qualities.

Why our great wines tend to be sealed with wax?

Since 1877, we now have held wines that, due to the extraordinary top-notch grapes, have already been better disposed to ageing. They're our “Gran Reservas” (Special reserves) or “Great Wines”. We make a particular selection in a few years, and just from Viña Tondonia property (where we make Gran Reserva whites and reds), and also the Viña Bosconia estate.

It will be outrageous to consider closing younger wines with wax, if they are designed for immediate usage. The reason why spend your time sealing a bottle that is going to be intoxicated in a few days time? It might be more of a nuisance than such a thing. Nevertheless Gran Reservas, being more ambitious wines and specially selected for high quality, have to be perfectly sealed – they are, all things considered, likely to be kept for quite some time. Thus they also require a beneficial quality cork to assist them to develop from childhood to adulthood as well as on to readiness – and elderly – regardless of if they do not attain what we call a “Great Wine”. Great wines need, first of all, becoming “truly old”, after which “perfect”, in the numerous requirements which could add towards this excellence in each vintage or wine. These “Great Wines” deserve to be treated with “reverence”, adorned and offered into the many dignified and respectful way.

To have this noble title, they need to be nurtured – within the crib where they sleep, the room that is their abode, the atmosphere that they inhale, the temperature within that they nestle, the fingers that stroke them, the container for which they've been held, the cork that seals all of them, and of course using their own private seal. Naturally, every one of the procedures in this long sequence have to be all-natural. Whilst the primary protagonist, the wine is carefully elderly, the barrel which accommodates it must be manufactured from good oak from selected origins, and likewise the cork should really be very carefully chosen.

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