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Walking Tools For Elderly / September 21, 2016

Walkers for Adult, Junior Petite and kids.
Devoted to various types of walking aids for the elderly, popular Health solution is proud to provide mobility walkers - in a huge variety of configurations, from the top makers in the market, including:
  • Adult, junior and pediatric walkers
  • Heavy-duty and large weight-bearing Bariatric walkers
  • Rollators, side-steppers, merry walkers alongside niche walkers
  • Knee walkers
  • Walking frames


Whatever variety of medical walker you require, you'll feel confident that we just deliver finest quality gear and, because of the large volumes of units we supply, we can still deliver most affordable prices offered. In terms of medical walkers on the market, we're confident that currently the widest choice supplied everywhere. In the event you're having difficulty finding the precise model that most useful matches your requirements, just contact us on our toll free line at (866)722-4581 and we’ll be happy to assist!

Walkers and add-ons

Choosing a Walker dimensions are easy. You'll visualize it. The handlebars must be somewhere around "belt" level, and in most cases just underneath "belt" level is way better. Within place it really is easier to place body weight on handlebars. It is hard to put weight on handles which can be set more than waist-height.
Here is some standard suggestions about choosing a size: Simple tips to measure for Rollator and Walker.

Source: www.phc-online.com