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Costa Rica health care System

Costa Rica / March 18, 2015

The Costa Rican health care system is rated extremely extremely on a worldwide level, together with country’s citizens enjoy the health and life span add up to that much more created nations. These awards come due to powerful, universal medical health insurance and excellent public and private hospitals.

Public Health Care - Caja Costarricense de Seguro personal (CCSS)

Costa Rica’s general public health insurance system, commonly known as the Caja, can be obtained country-wide to all or any residents and legal residents. You will find ten major public hospitals – four in San Jose, such as the Children’s Hospital – affiliated with the Caja. For non-emergencies and each day medical care, little centers, referred to as EBAIS (pronounced ay-vy-ice), can be found in almost every neighborhood.

The price to affiliate with CCSS is roughly 10 to 11.5per cent of earnings; as an alternative, residents could become people via ARCR, which provides a streamlined and simple joining procedure. Please be aware that for anyone under age 55, Caja payments feature a mandatory pension repayment, which is paid beginning at age 65. Remember the Caja’s cheap and high-quality attract many to its hospitals and clinics, and wait times are really miss any such thing from a routine checkup to a significant surgical treatment.

Professional Insurance Coverage

Costa Rica’s hostipal wards and centers offer top-quality health care at a little small fraction of their U.S. equivalent price. In reality, considering Costa Rica’s breathtaking environment, medical reputation and incredibly lost prices, the united states is quickly getting a prime location for medical tourism.

Exclusive insurance coverage readily available through INS, the government-owned insurance provider, feature dental care work, optometry, well-visits and yearly check-ups. Prescribed drugs, particular health exams, sick visits and hospitalization tend to be covered at 80percent cost, and doctor and aesthetician prices are covered at full price. Currently, exclusive health care insurance prices about $60-$130/month per individual, according to age, gender as well as other factors.

Along with INS insurance coverage, expats could also buy international medical insurance from abroad, that may cover many personal hospital expenses. Remember that these programs often cost a lot more than their particular INS equivalents.


Many medicines (like contraception pills, high-cholesterol medication, migraine medicine, etc.) can be found in Costa Rica without a prescription, and pharmacists can certainly and accurately identify and treat many common issues. If it is not a crisis, the initial strategy is to check out town drugstore, and talk to the pharmacist (described as medical practitioner or doctora) regarding the condition. If pharmacist determines that it's serious, he/she will be sending you to the closest hospital for therapy.

Source: www.costarica.com