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Costa Rica / May 13, 2022

Ash from Turrialba Volcano creates spectacular sunsetsYour ultimate health resource must be your personal doctor. We offered some general information, and everyday updates by skilled medical experts are available on which and CDC websites.

Volcanic Ash

Beginning in March of 2015 Turrialba volcano west of San José started periodic considerable eruptions and the prevailing winds usually transported the clouds across capital. Volcanic ash can be particularly annoying to lungs and cause breathing stress.

The eruptions continued into 2016 and show no signs of stopping. If you’re planning on spending significant time in the central valley you may want to bring a mask just to be prepared. If you normally wear contacts make sure you have a pair of glasses as a back-up because ash can make the lenses in your eyes very uncomfortable.

Outside the main area the ash and dust is certainly not apparent but it has made the sunsets particularly spectacular.

Sunburn & Dehydration

The tropical sunshine is spectacularly intense, specially at greater altitudes, therefore the high moisture means the evaporative cooling of perspiration is less efficient, and also a moderate situation of travelers diarrhea can contribute significantly to dehydration. Use a brimmed cap, usage sunscreen, and take in a lot of water.

Traveler’s diarrhoea

Chances are that even although you tend to be cautious, you certainly will encounter about a moderate instance of traveler’s diarrhoea. Often that isn’t illness relevant, but a modification of your entero-bacteria populace (the normal residents of healthy intestines) to new immigrants and various meals. Carry a basic first aid system containing Imodium to battle back, as well as the modification shouldn’t simply take a lot more than a couple of days. In the event that you’ve traveled for more than a few weeks, don’t be surprised in the event that you experience another modification and episode of “revenge” upon returning house.

Other more serious causes of Traveler’s Diarrhea aren’t probably be encountered in Costa Rica’s liquid or food supplies, however, if you’re hanging out in the back-country or taking a trip on a rather low quality you should be careful of Giardiasis (typical in unpurified liquid) and Cholera (uncommon) which may be developed from polluted liquid materials and fecal contact.

A number of Costa Rican tourist attractions tend to be above 8, 000 feet (2, 500 yards), high enough to trigger mild height illness particularly if you tend to be acclimated to sea-level. Medical indications include hassle, disorientation, nausea, and irregular respiration. Gradual modification to higher elevations can possibly prevent height nausea. Move to reduce level asap together with symptoms should ease. If they don’t, seek medical assistance.

Malaria & Dengue

Two of this primary conditions extant in Costa Rica are mosquito bourne, malaria and dengue fever. The main preventative measure for each is avoiding mosquito bites. Wear lengthy sleeves and lengthy pants in infested areas, remain indoors around dusk whenever mosquitoes tend to be most active, sleep under mosquito netting, and use a fruitful repellent (DEET). Additionally, if you be prepared to invest time and effort out-of-doors, especially across the Southern Caribbean Coast, consult your physician about a course of malaria prophylaxis.


Hepatitis is much more common in Costa Rica than North America, but much less typical than another parts of Central The united states. Hepatitis a visibility generally does occur because of deficiencies in hygiene, Hepatitis B and C are far more dangerous and usually developed through intimate contact or intravenous drug usage. Apparent symptoms of all three types consist of lack of desire for food and power, and yellowing of the skin and whites regarding the eyes. A gamma globulin shot just before visibility increases your resistance.


Apart from the conditions sent by mosquitoes, many Costa Rican bugs are far more annoyances than illnesses. The most effective security against quite a few is to cover the skin with long sleeves and jeans.

The most aggravating are purrujas (no-see-ums) that infest shores and marshes, and coloradillas (chiggers) based in the pastures of Guanacaste along with other grassy areas. Neither brain DEET (the utmost effective mosquito repellent) but Avon’s skin so soft is very effective against no-see-ums. Chiggers usually burrow in in which clothing fulfills skin like the tops of the clothes, the waistband of underwear, and bra straps. They may be repelled with sulfur powder offered at pharmacies.

Africanized bees have colonized all Central The united states, and may be dangerous for their exceptional violence. Avoid nests however, if you're assaulted, running and dodging are your very best wager until you will find liquid to plunge into and employ the old Warner Bros. trick of breathing through a reed before the swarm dissipates.

Ticks are common inside tropics and that can transfer multiple diseases. Best avoidance is observance. Ticks don’t bite straight away if you keep an eye on your self and your hikeing lovers almost all may be flicked down while they’re however walking on looking for ideal spot for lunch. After enjoying the in the open air check your self and your children carefully, essentially into the shower and remove any that you find utilizing sluggish mild force with a set of tweezers gripping the pinnacle.

Costa Rica has diverse and prolific herpatofauna. Many of these snakes are dangerous, however in basic the old cliché that “they’re more scared of you than you may be of those, ” does work. In order to avoid snakebite visit the woodlands with a professional guide, stay away from reaching for which you can’t see first, and don’t disturb heaps of brush and leaves.