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Costa Rica / August 2, 2020

About the Linda C. Niessen Geriatric Dentistry Symposium

The Symposium is termed honoring Dr. Linda Niessen, a longtime clinical teacher at Tx A&M College of Dentistry and today dean of Nova Southeastern University College of Dental drug in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Linda C. Niessen Symposia in recent college news

Note: details about the 2017 Linda C. Niessen Lectureship may be posted quickly

Program Summary

This powerful symposium includes four professors users from the College who've considerable expertise in Oral maintain the aging populace. They'll share their particular knowledge in a fantastic day's specific lectures culminating in a panel conversation which will stimulate interest and encourage brand new tips once we consistently read about enhancing the oral take care of this populace of patients with an interdisciplinary strategy.

Program Presenters

Dr. David Grogan is an Associate Professor and Chairman when you look at the division of Oral & Maxillofacial operation & Pharmacology at university of Dentistry. He graduated from dental care school in 1981 and received an MSD degree in Oral procedure in 1986. He is a Diplomat of United states Board of Oral & Maxillofacial procedure. After conclusion of his residency education, Dr. Grogan joined exclusive training as an Oral and Maxillofacial physician in Waco, Tx. He was an important participant in creating the newest sedation and disaster guidelines for Tx dentists, on the behalf of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. In 2003 & 2010, Dr. Grogan ended up being voted “Teacher of the Year” by the undergraduate dental care pupils.

Aging is certainly not an ailment procedure. The goal of this lecture is always to describe the conventional physiological modifications associated with the aging client while the influence that comorbidities have regarding typical process of getting older. These physiological changes have actually a significant effect on patient administration, pharmacology and anesthesia. This lecture will also discuss the management of several medication courses that can have an important effect on the handling of routine post-surgical problems.

Discovering Objectives:

  1. Comprehend and recognize the results of the aging process on multiple organ methods.
  2. Understand the results of aging on pharmacokinetics.
  3. Comprehend the implication of a number of medication classes because pertains to the aging surgical patient.

Dr. Poorya Jalali is a medical Assistant Professor when you look at the division of Endodontics Texas A&M University College of Dentistry. He obtained their Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) in 2008, and upon graduation worked for two years in friends training. In 2015, Dr. Jalali obtained their Certificate in Endodontics from Columbia University College of Dental drug, nyc. Their analysis passions focus on medical analysis utilizing the aim of advertising evidence-based endodontics.

Geriatric Endodontics is getting relevance using the few old individuals on the rise. This lecture will explore the distinctions and challenges in diagnosing and managing pulpal and periapical illness in elderly. The main topics in the lecture include biologic aspects of pulpal and periapical tissues, diagnosis, treatment aspects, and prognosis in the elderly patient.

  1. Describe the age-related changes of root channel system
  2. Explain the entire process of pulpal and periapical analysis inside elderly client
  3. Recognize the degree of trouble of endodontic treatment within the elderly client
  4. Explain the approaches for overcoming the challenges in geriatric endodontics
  5. Discuss the prognosis and results for endodontic treatment in the elderly patient

Dr. Jacqueline Plemons received the woman dental care degree in 1986 and Certificate in Periodontics in 1988 from College of Dentistry. She has a Masters Degree in Oral Biology from Baylor University and it is a Diplomate associated with the American Board of Periodontology. Dr. Plemons features a full-time private training in Dallas, Tx and works part-time at TAMU College of Dentistry as a Professor within the division of Periodontics and functions as Assistant Director associated with the stomatology Center. Dr. Plemons is earnestly involved with arranged dental care at the neighborhood, condition and nationwide level. She's got published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and lectures across the united states of america within the industries of periodontics and oral medication. She's got two kiddies, centuries 7 and 13, which keep the woman hectic (typical soccer mother)!


Specific oral problems and lesions tend to be more common in geriatric customers and will notably impact standard of living. Xerostomia and salivary disorder is normally a tremendous challenge affecting patient convenience and nutrition. Damaging results on the dentition also a myriad of oral lesions and circumstances might result. Mucocutaneous conditions providing as desquamative gingivitis are far more often seen in older customers causing pain and dental hygiene issues. Numerous suffer from weakening of bones and may also be in danger for bisphosphonate-related issues. This lecture will review therapy techniques for managing dental lesions/conditions in older patients.

  1. Discuss dental modifications connected with dry mouth and salivary disorder.
  2. Describe faculties and therapy approaches for burning up mouth problem.
  3. Recognize dermatologic conditions affecting the oral cavity (lichen planus, cicatricial pemphigoid) and develop treatments for older patients.
  4. Discuss manifestations of osteoporosis and discover danger for osteonecrosis associated with the jaw.

Jorge Gonzalez, DDS Dr. Gonzalez is medical Director when it comes to Center for Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Clinic and Assistant Professor because of the division of Oral & Maxillofacial procedure at Tx A&M university of Dentistry in Dallas, Tx. Originally from Costa Rica, he received their DDS with focus in restorative dental care and orthodontics from the University of Costa Rica in 1997. Upon receiving his degree, he started his own personal rehearse in Costa Rica whilst offering as clinical teacher within University of Costa Rica. In 2002, he had been accepted in to the graduate prosthodontics program during the college. From 2005 to 2007 he took part in an implant fellowship system in the dental care school, beneath the path of Dr. Stephen Parel, where he later on received his professors session. Dr. Gonzalez has actually lectured both nationally and internationally on different topics in prosthodontics and implant surgery. His areas of research include: prosthetics for the complete edentulous patient, maxillofacial reconstruction in prosthodontics, computer led implant therapy preparation, and tiredness weight in thin diameter dental care implants.

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