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Costa Rica / March 24, 2021

Situated at a perfect level for coffee developing and some sort of out of the hubbub of San Jose, the main city city of Costa Rica, Finca Rosa Blanca provides a detailed trip of the coffee farm, the handling plant in addition to roasting house. Enthusiastic guides will share their particular considerable understanding on how organic coffee is cultivated, cared-for, harvested, prepared and roasted to produce a number of the world’s best coffee beans. You will see about coffee through the centuries, Costa Rican Coffee history and you may become skilled at discriminating the fine quality associated with newly roasted Finca Rosa Blanca coffee at a “catacion” or cupping session.
Walking the lush tree-shaded coffee industries you will discover how coffee is cultivated and gathered. Through the period, you should have the chance to select and taste the ready coffee berries using the individuals from the neighboring towns who can share their understanding and demonstrate tips quickly fill a basket using ripe-red coffee fresh fruit. People bring their particular meal and everyone enjoys the sunny days and the fun of choosing coffee together. Costa Rican school vacations fall during collect season making sure that every person can pitch in which help bring in the “grano de oro” or the Golden Bean.
Another end is the farm's handling mill, or "beneficio', where the bean is separated through the good fresh fruit and naturally sun-dried before being roasted and ready for enjoyment. Our coffee is air and sun- dried on suspended hammocks labeled as parihuelas. Using facilities own on-site roaster, Finca Rosa Blanca is recognized as an estate coffee, in which each step of growing, processing and roasting is completed in the plantation.

Our organic coffee is environmentally friendly, cultivated just by renewable methods. The farm is certified organic by the Overseas BCS Oko, renewable by Rain Forest Alliance additionally the National Institute of Coffee in Costa Rica. we'll explore others sustainable crops produced regarding the farm including banana, plantain, orange, mango, water apples, loquats, guava and lime. You will enjoy salads fashioned with our popular banana vinegar sourced from many varieties of bananas which color the coffee plants. Our organic waste and coffee pulp can be used to make organic fertilizers for the farm, the orchards and organic landscapes at Finca Rosa Blanca.
Learn how professionals discern and rate premium coffee by taking part in a “coffee cupping” (catación) program with your knowledgeable Coffee Tour Guide. Sit from the large deck and relish the views associated with volcanoes above and coffee areas below while experiencing a real coffee cupping and mastering more about the huge benefits towards the environment together with neighborhood of an organic sustainable coffee farm. Exclusive tours are arranged at a supplementary expense with all the forward desk, in the event that guide can be obtained and weather permits.

Source: www.fincarosablanca.com