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Costa Rica / September 5, 2018

1. What direction to go if Refused a Visa?

In the event your application for a nonimmigrant visa is rejected, you will end up informed why on meeting and given a written explanation. The most typical refusals tend to be under area 221(g) and part 214(b) associated with the United States Immigration and Nationality Act.

Under area 221(g) additional legal requirements should be met ahead of the visa are authorized.

You'll not need to pay another application cost if legal needs are located is met within a year.

Part 214(b) of U.S. Immigration Law presumes that applicants for nonimmigrant visas are planning immigrants and needs to be denied visas unless they provide convincing evidence of family, personal, and economic connections to a residence overseas. Refusals under Section 214(b) imply that you've got not overcome the legal presumption you are an intending immigrant.

The fact you had been refused under part 214(b) does not mean that you will be refused again someday. A refusal under Section 214(b) means, currently, under your current employment, social or other situations, the consular officer was not satisfied you had met U.S. visa requirements.

In the event that you reapply after being refused under Section 214(B) INA, you must complete a fresh application and spend another application fee.

2. My application was rejected under Section 214(b). If I bring in more documents will I receive a visa?

Trying to get a non-immigrant visa is certainly not mainly a document-based procedure. The main concern in identifying if a job candidate qualifies for a visa is intention, and documents alone can not establish intentions. In some cases, papers enables establish an applicant’s intent to go back to Costa Rica by showing your applicant is established here. In other situations, the situations are unmistakeable enough that documents tend to be unnecessary. In case your visa application happens to be refused it's very not likely that any document you can supply would alter the consular officer’s decision.

3. What does a consular officer look for during a visa interview?

Along with U.S. security, the officer considers the applicant’s personal vacation plans, savings, and ties outside the united states of america that'll guarantee his\her deviation after a temporary check out.

4. Im an appropriate resident of Costa Rica. How about we We be considered?

Numerous present immigrants to Costa Rica cannot show adequately strong connections here to be eligible for a non-immigrant visa into US. There's absolutely no magic formula that will work with each instance. Overall, you really must be able to show which you have satisfied in Costa Rica and that this really is, and can continue to be, your permanent home. In reviewing the job, the consular officer considered many aspects eg: the length of time are you at your overall address? The length of time are you at your task? Will you be, or tend to be your kids enrolled in college? Exactly what commitments do you have here that could compel you to definitely return to Costa Rica? Just what social ties have you got in Costa Rica? Frequently it is a question of the time, and the simplest way to qualify for a visa is to have a home in Costa Rica for a longer time period and to build further social and economic ties here.