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Nursing Care Plan / February 21, 2017

Strategy to use Tours indicates purchasing Travelex insurance coverage from time of your deposit. Please advise your agent to add here policy to your trip or you can purchase right through after link:

Relate to your verification of Coverage for your specific protection program advantages and limits opted for.

Travel Insurance is underwritten by Stonebridge Casualty insurance provider an AEGON business, Columbus, Ohio; NAIC #10952 (all says except as otherwise noted) under Policy/Certificate Form sets TAHC5000. In CA, HI, NE, NH, PA, TN and TX Policy/ Certificate Form series TAHC5100 and TAHC5200. In IL, IN, KS, LA, otherwise, OH, VT, WAand WY Plan Forms TAHC5100IPS and TAHC5200IPS. Certain coverages are under series TAHC6000 and TAHC7000.

This might be a brief information of Coverage. This is not your policy/certificate of insurance coverage. Please visit(4) registered nurses needs to be on twenty-four hour telephone call or responsibility; and (5) the care must certanly be given often regarding hospital’s premises or in services accessible to a healthcare facility on a pre-arranged foundation.

A Hospital is certainly not: a rest, convalescent, longer attention, rehabilitation or other nursing center; a facility which mostly treats mental infection, alcoholism, or medicine addiction (or any ward, wing or other section of the hospital useful for such functions); or a facility which provides hospice attention (or wing, ward or any other section of a medical center employed for these types of purposes).

Damage implies bodily harm due to an Accident which: 1) occurs while your coverage is within impact beneath the plan; and 2) calls for assessment and therapy by a doctor. The damage must be the direct reason behind reduction and must certanly be separate of most other noteworthy causes and must not be caused by, or be a consequence of, Sickness.

Insured means an eligible person who arranges a Covered Trip, finishes any necessary enrollment form, and will pay any needed program repayment. Insurer indicates Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Provider.

Payments or build up indicates extent really covered the Insured’s Covered Trip. Payments or Deposits may be made by money, check, charge card, prepaid vouchers, incurred modification fees, administrative charges, and Currency products. Repayments made in the form of a non-paid certificate, non-paid coupon or rebate are not Repayments or build up as defined herein.

Physician suggests one certified as a medical doctor by the jurisdiction for which she or he is resident to rehearse the healing arts. She or he must certanly be practicing inside the scope of his/her license when it comes to solution or treatment given and might not be you, a Traveling Companion, or a relative of yours.

Policy suggests the contract given to the Policyholder supplying the benefits specified herein. Policyholder indicates the legal entity in whose title this Policy is given, as shown regarding advantage Schedule.

Pre-existing Condition suggests an illness, condition, or other condition throughout the 60 day period immediately just before your effective day that you can or your taking a trip friend, Domestic Partner, Business Partner or relative planned or booked to travel to you:

  1. gotten or obtained a suggestion for a diagnostic test, assessment, or treatment; or
  2. took or got a prescription for medicines or medication.

Item (2) of the definition does not apply to a condition that is addressed or controlled entirely through the taking of prescribed drugs or medicine and stays treated or controlled without the modification or change in the required prescription for the 60 day period before protection is beneficial under this plan.

Plan means the power Schedule shown inside information of Coverage for each Insured.

Planned Departure Date implies the time upon which you're initially planned to leave on your own Covered Trip.

Scheduled Return Date implies the time on which you're initially planned to return to the level where in actuality the Covered Trip started or even a unique final location.

Planned Departure City implies the city in which the planned trip by which you may be to engage originates.

Nausea indicates an illness or illness of this body which: 1) needs assessment and treatment by a doctor, and 2) commences as the plan is within impact. A disease or condition of this human anatomy which very first exhibits it self and then worsens or becomes severe before the efficient time for this plan is certainly not a Sickness as defined herein and it is not covered by the program.

Terrorist Act suggests an act of assault, besides civil condition or riot, (which is not an act of war, declared or undeclared) that results in lack of life or significant damage to residential property, by anyone acting alone or on behalf of or perhaps in experience of any company which is usually seen as having the intention to overthrow or affect the control over any federal government.

Taking a trip Companion means a person whoever name(s) appear(s) with you on the same Covered Trip arrangement.

Typical and Customary Charge means those costs for essential treatment and solutions which can be reasonable to treat instances of similar extent and nature. This is produced by the mean charge on the basis of the experience with a related area of the service delivered and also the routine of charges respected at 100th percentile.

Concealment or Fraud: We usually do not offer protection for those who have deliberately concealed or misrepresented any material reality or situation regarding the program.

Conformity To Law: Any supply associated with plan that's in conflict with all the rules of the condition in which it really is granted is amended to adjust with all the laws and regulations of the condition.

Duplication of Coverage: You may only buy one certificate from us per Covered Trip. If you do purchase multiple certificate for a certain Covered Trip, the utmost Limit of Coverage payable is going to be as specified when you look at the certificate using the highest degree of benefits. We will refund program payments obtained away from you under virtually any certificate.

Whole Contract; Changes: the program, the Group Application and just about every other accessories is the entire contract between us. Any declaration you make is a representation and not a warranty. No statement is used by us to void or lower benefits unless that declaration is an integral part of any written application or enrollment kind.